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Traditional to modular kitchen

In any view the modular kitchen is the heart of every home whether it is traditional kitchen or modular kitchen. It is where we prepare and relish the deliciousness of our lives. It is the place where we generate energy to work our way and it is the only place from which we provide the ingredients required for our body to stay fit and fine.

You might have many ideas regarding your kitchen design, you might think of cabinets and their design and color, you may wish to get an appliance and don’t find a proper place to install it. The main solution to these problems is a well planned kitchen design from Nei8ht.

Conventional or traditional kitchens became a past choice among the house owners and modular kitchens are gaining over the conventional kitchens as the time is moving. The modular kitchens are particularly gaining admiration for their space utilizing layouts.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens still work fine if you allow them to spread in large space. Nei8ht respects tradition and always infuse tradition in their modular kitchen designs. In traditional kitchens you can choose where to place the cabinets, drawers and worktops according to your choice. Once the plan is ready you would like to take the dimensions of the area.

How can it be built to have sufficient space for prepping, keeping and eating … Many house owners choose the basic models cabinets, drawers and work tops to modify them according to their needs later. What type of cupboards to have … You can have either wood or steel and also you can select work tops made of any natural stone finish or can go for a laminated work top.

All the above choices can turn your kitchen to be more sophisticated and keep it within the limits of your budget. Drawers and cabinets can be prepared to suit your ergonomics and are going to be installed onsite to suit the kitchen layout and design.

Though you have got your traditional kitchen as per your views and ideas if you calculate the overall budget of a conventional kitchen it will be the overpriced room among all the rooms in your house. And this does not mean the conventional kitchens are high end designs and they cost more.

The designs, materials and finishes are same for both Traditional and Modular kitchens, the only thing is traditional kitchen involves more labor and more time consuming adjustments and modifications but still there will be little compromise rules.

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are not like conventional kitchens. In this modular kitchen system you do not need to worry about the placement of various components like cabinets and counter tops. Modular kitchens are such a user friendly systems that they will come with reserved space for everything you need in your kitchen.

You just need to place an order with Nei8ht and the team visit you and takes every measure to fulfill the modulation work. Nei8ht works out the design keeping in mind the ergonomic needs of the user which is very important.

Nei8ht has assembled modular structures. Rather than coming up with every component individually you can acquire modular kitchen as complete units.

All items from cabinets to counter will come as a complete package. You will get pre-made cabinets, adjustable shelves and racks in addition to all elements like the hardware, work top and anything that is essential part of kitchen arrangement.

Moreover modular kitchen means not only the shelves and cabinets but it is a complete package of all the essentials needed for the smooth functioning of your kitchen. Each and every appliance and storage is covered under this bundle of convenience.

You have wide range of colors to select from and more designs to have one for your interior. There are varieties of materials to select from. Modular kitchens are durable and an ideal selection if you are living in an apartment.

They are portable means you can take modular kitchen along with you if you are relocating. With the shrinking floor area the popularity of the Modular kitchens is also increasing considerably.

It is time to switch from traditional kitchen to modular kitchen and save more on your budget and space at a time.

Nei8ht is well known for its assorted designs of traditional and modular kitchens. We blend tradition with modulation to bring you the comfort of being tradition and at the same time living in trend.

Nei8ht can offer competitive prices with its rich natural and materialistic resources. So when you plan your kitchen have a look at the portfolio of Nei8ht for better idea.

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