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Things that make a Modular Kitchen an Ideal Kitchen

For me a kitchen is another living room in my entire house. And I want it to be designed in all possibilities making it ideal for my family gatherings and cooking. It should have proper ventilation and illumination.

To be an ideal kitchen the modular kitchen should include cabinets with dedicated drawers, shelves which can be adjustable according to our needs and other accessories. Let us have a look what we need to build an ideal kitchen.


Cabinets occupy total 70 percent of modular kitchen design and these are what make the modular kitchens compact and spacious. They vary in sizes and types.

Exhaust hood

It is a vital component of a modular kitchen, as it assists in removing smoke from the kitchen caused by cooking process. For Indian cuisine it is an unavoidable thing as they cook strong aromatic foods.

Cooking ranges and ovens

Cooking ranges should be of either two burners or four burners as per your requirement. If you cook a lot and yours is a big family go for four burners and it is a standard cooking range in the market. Besides having cooking range it is advised to have an oven for baking and alternative cooking source.

Shutters and shelves

Shutters and shelves are an essential requirement to store up different serving items like plates, cups, bowls, knife, spoon, forks etc. These are available in different finishes.

Pull out drawers

Pull out drawers are such a comfort for storing utensils, aprons, food items and spices etc. These are must haves in modular kitchen to feel the comfort in storing and accessing the items.

Apart from all these modular kitchen accessories it is good have a dishwasher to save your hands from getting wet. And you cannot say no to refrigerator, water purifier and sinks with smart faucets.


After setting up all the things in your modular kitchen you cannot imagine it without lights. Lights are what make your taste visible to the world and they also make the kitchen function at its best by providing proper illumination.

Nei8ht has wide range of lights like task lights, track lights, sconces, chandeliers, pendants and many more to illuminate each and every corner of your designer kitchen and make it a focal point of your home.

You can select U shaped, L shaped or a straight line kitchen with an island in the middle for your modular kitchen. You can apply an infinite array of colors and designs. For doors you can prefer smooth, beveled edge or glass panel.

If you are looking for a modular kitchen in and outside the Hyderabad city you can use the expertise of Nei8ht to get your job done. Nei8ht will take the complete responsibility and unconditional care to make your kitchen stylish, well designed and well equipped.

Thanks and Have a Happy and Smart kitchen from Nei8ht

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