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The shift from Conventional Kitchen to Modular Kitchens

The evolution of modular kitchen has totally changed the way a kitchen appears. Conventional kitchens are being replaced by these refined and well designed kitchen models. The necessity for more space and space management in houses and flats has contributed to the emergence of modular kitchens.

With the inclusion of stylish designs in kitchen cabinets, storage facilities and other efficient features, the traditional and conventional kitchens are shifting to the modular kitchens. The modular kitchen is a live example for the terms comfort and convenience.

Some of the most common modular kitchen accessories

Exhaust hoods a must in every modular kitchen. These are useful in eliminating smokes and gases from the kitchen while cooking food.

Storage cabinets are what make the modular kitchen spacious and well organized. These cabinets are used for storing containers of various sizes.

Cook tops make the cooking process faster and easier. These cooking units can be fixed into any stone Work tops. At Nei8ht showrooms cooking ranges are available in various sizes which ranges from two to four burners.

Shelves with adjustable racks and shutters provide easy access to crockery items, plates and bowls. The adjustable racks provide easy storage of items according to their size.

Drawer with soft closing slides are used for storing food items, utensils and spices and avoid noise and accidental finger crushes.

Apart from all the above you can also get a modular kitchen with appliances such as dishwasher, refrigerator with cold water dispenser, micro oven, sink, pantry and many more.

Modular kitchens are the right answer for the limited space problem in flats and apartments. At Nei8ht you can find a number of varieties and designs to compliment with your home decor. These ultra modern kitchens can be assembled and disassembled very easily.

In every Nei8ht showroom you can find an array of colors and designs of modular kitchens and their accessories. It is very easy to install these kitchen accessories as most of the fittings are ready to fit and use.

There are different types of modular kitchen shapes. The most commonly used kitchen shapes include the U-shape and the L-shape. Among these two the L shaped kitchen design is on the top.

With the advancement in designing technology the modular kitchens are fitted with numerous accessories to make it even more efficient, accessible and well equipped.

Accessories such as elegant fittings, motion sensing faucets and switches, sleek glass work, trendy wooden finishes coupled with the latest gadgets.

Whenever you want a modular kitchen and home interior solution you can visit our showroom to find a definite one for your home decor. Nei8ht has services with a portfolio of 100+ successful installations.

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