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Kitchen faucets

The main function of the kitchen faucet is to dispense hot and cold water for cleaning. It could also be

the style statement of your kitchen design when chosen properly. We need to have basic information in our hands to shop for the right choice.

Whether it’s a replacement or a new installation there are few things to mind before the faucets start splashing.

Check the holes

If plans are to change the existing faucet, select the new one which has same hole-pattern as the old one. Single handle faucets require one hole for the handle and a separate hole for the sprayer. Conventional faucets, with hot and cold taps, require three holes for the taps and spout, fourth for a sprayer. With your purchase a base plate will be supplied which can be used to cover the holes on the countertop or sink. Do not try to drill holes on the counter or on the sink.

If you are installing a new sink, you don’t need to worry this much. You can freely choose your sink and faucet which can fit together.

Type of Handles

In general, kitchen faucets comes with either one handle that rotates directionally to select water temperature or two handles for mixing hot and cold water. Single handle faucets can have their handle fixed to the faucet base or a handle that sits to the side. Double handles are arranged to the left and right of the faucet.

Type of sprayers

Faucets with integrated sprayers are available of late which are also called pull-out sprayers. They come with a finger friendly button to switch between spray and stream.

Whether to choose straight spout or gooseneck?

For kitchen, choose the gooseneck models and see that they can cover all the areas of the sink by rotating 1800 and should also have pull-out spray. These are more comfortable when you have a larger sink or double-bowl sink.

Hands free faucets

Also known as electronic faucets are embedded with a sensor with a response time of 20 milliseconds. When you put your hands or bowl under the faucet six inches or closer the tap opens and by the moment you take off your hands or bowl from the faucet the water stops flowing instantly. If you are a professional chef or you cook a lot then hands free faucets are for you. These are preventive in spreading of germs and bacteria.

Faucets with filter

Having a faucet mounted filter can be more hygienic for the whole family. Some models coming with built-in filtering technology are helpful in removing contaminants and bacteria like E-coli which are common occurrences in tap water.

While choosing the faucet keep the color and design of your countertops in mind so that your faucet can match it. There are different types of faucet mountings available. Sink mounts, wall mounts, and deck mounts which can be applied depending on your existing models of sink and countertop.

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