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kitchen countertops

Kitchen Countertops

Most of the work is done on the countertops in the kitchen and they suffer a lot of pressure throughout the active hours. So, it should be strong and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. When you choose a countertop mind three guiding factors – durability, appearance and maintenance. Prefer all the materials available from high-end granite, marble and stone to money saving laminate and tiles and pick the right one for you. Keep reading to know more.

Granite countertop

The king of all countertops is available in several shades- white, black, green, corals and beiges. The cost of granite tops is based on factors like – color, origin of the stone and finishing. It comes in polished finish and honing finish. The polished finish looks shiny and darkens the appearance of the stone; the honing finish appears soft and matte.

Apart from granite there are other natural stones like marble, limestone and soapstone but not so strong as the granite and they need to be used sensitively with great care.

Engineered stone

As it sounds this is a man-made stone. This is as stronger as the granite and the cost is also equals to granite. It gives maximum durability and comes in variety of colors and textures.

Concrete countertops

Of late these are getting popularity and are customizable in appearance and texture. Concrete tops are gettable mainly in three varieties – smooth, ground and pressed. To protect them from chemicals and extreme temperatures you can seal them with sealers, widely available in the market.

Word of caution: Though solid surfaces are durable and able to sustain stains and scratches, hot pans and utensils, acidic materials can damage these countertops.

Laminate countertop

Here comes the budget – friendly countertop and available in variety of colors and designs. But need more care while working on these tops as these are not heat tolerant and can lost its beaut if not handled with care. Good news is that these are now available in scratch-resistance models. So, if you want to save on your budget and can handle with care then laminate countertops are for you.

Wood countertops

Wood and butcher block countertops can give a warm look and are good for cutting purpose. Easy to clean and scratches can be repaired easily. You should keep these countertops always dry after work done. Better to seal the surface with wood friendly oil or can use sealants available in the market.

Metal countertops

Different metals can be used in manufacturing these countertops. For instance, you can choose stainless-steel for awesome look, copper for its healing factors or pewter for its hardness. Metal countertops are heat tolerant and non-porous but these too can get scratches and dents if not taken care of.

Lava stone countertops

As the name itself reveals these are made out of volcanic lava. These are heat tolerant, scratch and stain resistant. These are very expensive and hard to get easily.

Tile countertops

Tile countertops are also money saving like laminate countertops. You have palette of colors to choose from and are heat tolerant and durable. These are a bit not easy to clean because of their grouted lines.

Glass countertops

Glass countertops come in a blend of textures and colors. These are hygienic, nonporous stain resistant and easy to maintain. Recycled glass countertops are also available and these are eco-friendly and can imitate granite countertops. These are expensive too.

These are all the widely available kitchen countertops. If reading is not enough and you want to experience the touch visit our gallery Nei8ht designs today and feel them. Happy shopping!!!

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