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Dining Table

Dining table is the core point of the house on which energy is served with lots of love. It is a place where family gathers everyday, it is a place where friends join us at least once in a week, and it is a place where guests get delighted with our hospitality.

It is the foundation for the family bonds and relations. How can we choose this foundation to be better and serve our coming generations with that lasting love? Let’s find out the needful things …

With advancements in designing we got an ocean of designs to swim through. You just need to plan the area in the dining room with proper and accurate measurements to install this fabulous set of furniture.

What’s first, Size or shape?

Both the size of the table and the room should be taken into consideration prior to make a purchase. So, it is crucial to take measurements of the room where the table is going to be arranged. The distance between the nearest wall and the edge of the table should be 120cm – 125cm.

What is the right shape?

The shape is the next thing to consider. Modern dining table shapes are available not only in traditional rectangular shape but also in round, oval, rounded rectangle and square shapes. The shape can affect the capacity, atmosphere and the table’s ability to spread in the room. Round dining tables are best as they encourage conversations and create social atmosphere. Square tables are the best fit for small groups of people. The long rectangular tables can be a better choice for large halls and they are able to accommodate a large group of 10-15 or more.

What shape should I choose?

If your dining room is small to medium in size then round or square shaped tables can go well with it. When choosing these shapes try to take ones with leafs which can be expanded or folded according to your needs.

What shapes are best for large rooms?

Undoubtedly, the rectangular, oval or rounded rectangular shapes are the best or even the rounded dining table with large diameter can suit well.

What if my room is small and members to dine are more?

Then you have dining tables available with leafs which can be expanded or folded according to your needs. These are also known as extendable dining tables.

What material is good?

There are so many material finishes available in the market. The most popular materials are wood, wood veneer and metal with glass combination. For casual look stainless steel and aluminum also used in the manufacture of dining tables set. Natural teak is the favourite choice for most customers as it develops a stunning glaze over the time from climatic changes and sun exposure. Natural teak is very expensive.

How to select a chair?

Test the chair by kneeling on the seat and pushing the back and pressing the arm-rests if any. There must not be a screeching sound and must be little flexible.

What should be the height of the tables and chairs?

Nowadays the dining table consist at least four chairs along with it. These are called dining table sets. Most dining tables measure at a height of 29 to 30 inches and the dining chairs should be at a height of 18 – 19 inches with a seat width of 20 – 24 inches. It is advised to test – try the table set by sitting in a chair and placing your hands on the table. Also test – pass the dishes from your chair to see how accessible the center of the table is.

Tell me about the chair materials.

Nowadays a trend of Upholstered seats is running. These looks fine and are comfortable. If you want to keep the chair material clean with less effort then go for the upholstered dining chairs in fabrics like cotton, linen, leather, wool, cotton blend, vinyl and silk. All these are natural fabrics. The synthetic fabrics are acetate, acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon. You can also choose wood and metal chairs for easy maintenance.

What could be my budget?

It varies from your choice of materials, size and other user friendly features like extendable leafs and convertible furniture options. Remember this is one more long term investment you are making for 10 to 12 years. So, choose wisely.

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