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Cook Smart with Modular Kitchens from Nei8ht Designs

Work smart not hard is the current policy. The advanced technology in smart phones and laptops has made the life smarter. The attitude of working with a smarter approach in this competitive world is necessary. The way the technology has changed the way of working, also changed the way of cooking. When you can work smart then why not cook smart?

Nei8ht Designs, the kitchen expert introducing innovative designs in modular kitchen with modern appliances and accessories to provide comfort and advanced functioning to their customers.

Nei8ht Designs has a matchless comparison when compared with other brands which also manufacture modular kitchens. Since its initiation in 2003 Nei8ht Designs become a catalyst in marketing modular kitchens and accessories in India.

Nei8ht Designs is now the leader in modular kitchens and Interior Designing in India. Our state of the art modular kitchen modules are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of the daily usage.

At the moment Nei8ht Designs is a leading competitor in supplying complete modular kitchens and their components like the sinks and faucets, hardware, cabinets and shutters and various appliances all over the country.

We see that each and every kitchen is well planned as per the industry standards and ergonomics. Nei8ht Designs’ modular kitchens are well known for optimizing work triangle, which is a scientific design technique that makes the movement between the three main appliances of your kitchen, the sink, the refrigerator and the hob.

The efficient work triangle is the heart of Nei8ht Designs’ modular kitchen and also helps us in the designing of modular kitchen which increases the ease of accessibility and faster cooking experience.

Nei8ht Designs creates innovative spaces with ultra modern designs. The accessories also designed in such a way that they play an important role in making the design more attractive. Our designs not only double your storage, but also enhance your skill of organizing the items.

Designer corner units, compact ladder units, wooden partages for systematic storage and innovations like the under-sink storage unit accompanied with racks and shelves for keeping towels and napkins. Nei8ht Designs created smart storage solutions that can transform your modular kitchen into an ultra efficient space.

The additional benefit of the Nei8ht Designs’ modular kitchen is its vogue kitchen appliances. A few to name, stylish ovens, sleeker chimneys and hobs from two burners to five burners, automatic ignition and Italian Saber burners that create comfort and excitement in the kitchen.

The state-of-the-art elegance in Nei8ht Designs’ modular kitchens refines your all time cooking experience. We serve all the comfort and requirements to change the tedious picture of daily routine cooking to something more precious and time saving. Every kitchen appliance comes with Nei8ht Designs’ mark of quality and assurance that ensures long lasting care-free performance.

The splendor and quality of your Nei8ht Designs modular kitchen sets your mood for every day with a new tune. We offer a dazzling range of shutters for a vivid and joyful modular kitchen style. To add to your fervor, Nei8ht Designs offers a fantabulous range of shutters to put your selectiveness for test.

Nei8ht Designs brings the best cooking experience in your very own kitchen. We help you preserve your civil kitchen and customize the same for modular kitchen. Nei8ht Designs’ space management solutions can turn the problem areas like corners into usable spaces to provide 30 percent more storage than normal kitchens.

Our customers demand a fine planned design for modular kitchen that is nicely tuned to their civil kitchen area utilizing every possible space and at the same time providing a clutter free and open design for a modular kitchen. The modular kitchens of Nei8ht Designs make cooking more of a joy than a work.

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