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Choosing Kitchen sinks: An art

We like to educate ourselves and choose carefully every aspect of the kitchen design. Do we really

think the same way when come to choose kitchen sinks? Not many!!! Most of us relaxes here and installs any model of the sink that’s available in the market.

When we just can’t imagine a kitchen without a sink, then why not educate ourselves in this art of choosing the right sink? We need to find out what materials are used in making a sink, what’s the lifespan of that material and what are the various price points available.

Knowing all these things can help us choose the right style, perfect color and best material. So, how to be smart? Read on.

Sinks in various materials

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is the most popular among sink materials. They have an ability to add a shiny look to your kitchen. They come in budget. While shopping for stainless steel sinks you need know two things.

  1. The gauge number
  2. The sound proofing ability

Gauge number is nothing but the thickness of the steel which ranges from 16 – 23. The lowest gauge number means the greatest quality and vice versa. For instance, gauge number 16 is more durable than gauge number 23. Choose the possible lowest gauge number to avoid dents in sink bowl.

For sound proofing ability you need to check beneath the sink bowl whether there are any special sound pads and spray coatings applied. These pads and coats decrease the ringing sound when anything dropped into the sink bowl.

Stainless steel sinks tend to get scratches and water spots. These are available in two finishes “Satin” and “mirror”. Though the mirror finish appears so beaut, nei8ht designs suggest the satin finish which gives extra protection from scratching.

Like all the other sinks, stainless steel sinks also available in under-mount and drop-in variants. Under-mount types should be installed on solid countertops only, because laminates can prone to bubble and separate when exposed to water.

Cast Iron sinks


Sinks with iron base coated with an enamel finish are known as cast iron sinks. Though old these sinks are still entertaining most house owners. These models are available in an array of colors and designs, but these tend to crack and chip or scratch. The cracks and scratches exposing the iron layer can lead the sink to rust.

Hot water may not hold its temperature for so long because of iron’s higher degree of thermal conductivity. These are heavy and difficult to install, need a stronger support to hold so you need a solid countertop to install these models. Most house owners like them for their glossy look and its stain resistance ability.

Composite granite


Composite granite sinks are durable and have a high resistance to scratches and water spots. They come in a variety of medium shades and nei8ht designs suggests the darker shades like dark grays, browns and black as they hide the food particles from appearing it dirty and you don’t need to clean so often as it appear always neat. These sinks have high tendency to crack during the transit if not taken proper care. So take thorough inspection before installing the sink for any cracks.

Composite Quartz


Quartz composite sinks are as durable as composite granite and stand up to harsh cleaning materials or liquids that can damage other sinks and are available in a variety of colors. Since these come in natural color you don’t have to worry about color fading. These can be mounted either above or below the countertop. If you have installed quartz countertop you would most probably go with quartz sink.

Solid surface

Solid surface sinks are popular because of their ability to be an integral part with the countertop. These models look very nice and clean with no exposed edges from top to sink. Many users think that solid means solid, but these are softer than quartz sinks. These are soft and tend to nick, scratch and dent but can be repaired with the help of professionals.



Copper sinks are mostly acceptable for their great healing and antimicrobial properties. If handled properly these can add charm to your kitchen. While shopping for these angels make sure that they are made of 99% pure copper and for rigidness a small amount of zinc is acceptable. Don’t use concentrated cleaners to clean instead use mild soap and water or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

These are the key materials used in making of sinks and you have to choose them according to your needs. Any confusions regarding can be cleared by talking to our experts at nei8ht designs. Happy shopping!!!

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