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Choose the best dealer for your modular kitchen

Modular Kitchens, a comfort and convenience for everyone who loves to work in kitchen. But are there any issues we need to consider prior to adapt this modulation work to our house … Yes. There is a need to choose a good dealer for modular kitchens.

Whom you choose as your dealer and how authentic and authorized he/she is and how successfully he/she implemented the projects and how many satisfied customers he/she has on his/her portfolio is what makes your decision flawless.

There are few certified companies along with Nei8ht who offers quality services in Interior Designing for both residential and commercial needs. Nei8ht offers the best before and after sales support and they own a good record in it.

Nei8ht has implemented 100+ modular kitchens and interior designing projects in and outside the country so far and has vast satisfied network of clients and customers.

Nei8ht has been sourcing the modular kitchen components like exhaust hoods, concealed refrigerators, built in ovens, recessed burners etc., from Italy and European countries which are known for their industry standards, artistic designs and ergonomics.

The state of the art designs of the modular kitchen components like cabinets with dedicated drawers, adjustable shelves made the working in kitchen a pleasure.

The most important section in modular kitchens is the exhaust hood it is what makes the air in kitchen pure by sending the impure gases out of the kitchen. It should be projected properly to get it function efficiently.

There are several options for applying modulation to your kitchen. The packages at Nei8ht ranges from medium to large depending on the space and components needed.

To be fire resistant for the kitchen is essential as it is the place which bears lot of heat from cooking process. Nei8hthas a standard policy of providing quality and fire resistant materials within your budget.

Most house owners in India like to have wooden furniture in their homes. Wooden furniture not only looks beautiful but also brings wilderness to home. If you are one of those patriots of wooden furniture then choose the wood which is fire resistant in nature and at the same time spill and splash resistant.

You can also opt for modular kitchen designed completely of metals. Still there are major disadvantages for metals as they are prone to corrosion and get damaged quickly. If you want your kitchen made of metal and corrosion resistant then choose stainless steel.

The cabinets should be installed at proper heights so that the kids could not reach them easily as they store some dangerous cutting tools and fire tools. The ideal height of the base cabinets should be 34 inches.

Nei8ht gives importance for the safety of your home and environment while designing the project. So you can expect both user and eco friendly designs from Nei8ht which are not only friendly but also child proof.

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