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Ceramic tiles in modular kitchen

Nei8ht has a range of ceramic tiles and other natural and artificial stone tiles for the floors of your modular kitchen and other rooms of your house.

Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay minerals mixed simultaneously, glazed on one side, and then fired under tremendous heat to create a strong, durable material. Ceramic tiles are available in glossy or matte finish. Generally these are sold in thickness of ½ to ¾ and size of 4×4. Large sizes are also available.

You might have seen ceramic tiles mostly in bathrooms and you might have wondered upon reading our title. There are many who would surprise on this like you but ceramic tiles have become a trend and are gaining space in kitchen also.

Everybody wants their kitchen to be up to trend and they want it to sync with the décor of entire house. At the same time they want it to be in budget and that is where the ceramic tiles come in. Ceramic tiles are available in numerous colors and patterns making their selection a bit tough.

If you are a cook by profession then you would love to work on the kitchen floor which is easy to clean and maintain. Nothing is so easy than ceramic tiles to clean and maintain. There is no need of using special cleansers to clean these tiles.

You just need a simple mop whenever you felt to clean the floor. So the ceramic tiles are not only saving you on their cost but also saving you on the cost of cleaners which is so economical. The other two factors that make these tiles user friendly are durability and strength.

The flooring is what makes the house an eye candy of everyone. Every house owner wants their house to be in style and at the same time they want it to be manageable. Ceramic tiles saves you from taking extra care when compared to wooden floors whether it is natural wood or an engineered wood.

Wooden floors need proper care and they tend to get damaged if not sealed properly. Ceramic tiles are not like that they do not need sealants and cleaners to keep them in condition. They have no danger of getting damaged by spills and splash which are very common in a busy kitchen. A simple mop can make it spotless.

Nei8ht has a range of ceramic tiles as a part of their modular kitchen set which can blend with the colors of the shelves and walls. With Nei8ht you have a broad choice of experimenting with colors and combinations of ceramic tiles to suit your kitchen and home décor.

With the wide range of colors in ceramic tiles the floors of the kitchen got dressed up in dark colors which were to be in lighter shades earlier. Special shades of brown and grey also do well with almost all color palettes.

If you are flooring your kitchen then visiting a Nei8ht showroom will be a worth for your new kitchen floor. Thanks and Happy flooring.

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