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buying a new bed, ask yourself these questions

A research says that most of us spend one-third of our lives in beds. The most important piece of furniture we’ll ever need is a fine bed. A bed can affect your sleep in a positive way or in a negative way based on its make and quality. It is true that the mattress plays a major role in it. But, what if the frame of your bed is not in condition and it makes noises whenever you slip into it and roll over that in a fine sleep? Isn’t it disturbing your comfort both mentally and physically? So check the frame of the bed twice while investing your money in it.

So decided to buy a new bed, prior to that ask yourself these questions:

What size of bed can fit my room?

Well, this depends on your room size. Measure your bedroom space and make sure that you have enough wall space and walkable space is left after installation of your bed. If your bed also has a headboard or a frame that extends past the mattress be sure to keep this in mind as they may include storage space for books and personal items. Depending on room space, you have queen size, king size and twin size beds. The first two sizes are for elders and the third one is for younger kids.

How much can I spend on a bed?

As we have discussed earlier a bed can make or break your sleep if it is not a well-made with fine quality of material. As I said, buying a bed is a long term investment you will have it for 10-12 years. So, this is the piece of furniture where we can’t compromise on price and quality. After all, a good sleep is what everyone needs and strives for. While purchasing a bed give preference to large size, high-quality and durability and next comes the style.

What type of bed is good for my master bedroom?

It depends on your taste. If you are interested in traditional style you can opt for four-poster canopy style, or if you like the modern styles then you have upholstered, fabric and tufted styles to choose from, of late we have platform style beds in the market. Our brand nei8ht designs has got more than 10+ of designs like Colonial style, loft style, sofa beds, upholstered, minimalist and sleek style beds, floating style beds, suspended style and many more.

What type of bed should I chose for guests and kids?

A queen or king size goes well with guests’ bedroom and a twin is nice for kids.

After getting your dream bed the next step would be finding the mattress. A good mattress shouldn’t be too soft or too firm, it should be soft enough to be comfortable and hard enough to support your body. Check as many mattresses as possible before concluding your choice. If “bed” is body then “mattress” is a soul. So, here also we can’t compromise on price and quality.

Experts say that you must not shop for a mattress when you are tired. Because when tired every mattress is a comfort for your body.

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