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Add more colors to your dream modular kitchen

Choosing right colors for your modular kitchen or any space in your house is a bit tough job and you just cannot get the desired look from a single color combination. Here Nei8ht has some tips to color your dream modular kitchen.

The color combination should be decided for your modular kitchen prior to make any purchases like the appliances, furniture or the floor tiles etc., because the modular kitchen appliances and accessories also play a major role in bringing the desired tone of color and they can even reverse the expected look.

Also it is very important that the colors used in other parts of the house should compliment with the colors used in your modular kitchen.

Modular kitchen is most likely the area where homemakers spend a major part of their time for preparing delicious dishes. Modular kitchen is the only room where family gathers regularly to share the meal. It must therefore be warm and welcoming.

A study says that the colors can have a great impact on human mind and they can change the mood of a person who works under their influence. So, while selecting the colors you should be careful if you want to enjoy a great mood while preparing tasty food every day.

The color combination means not only the floors and walls but you can distribute them through the furniture, cabinets, appliances, ceiling, and lighting. Our experts have some tips on how to get the desired look by applying the right colors.

Warm Tones

Warm colors bring a lively and friendly atmosphere perfect for the social gatherings. You can choose from orange, yellow, pink and even red but cautiously, because too much bold colors can be oppressive.

Mild Tones

One of the trends in colors in modular kitchen is applying mild tones. Soft green has been trending in recent times so successfully. We can also think of pearl gray or taupe, but inflected with flashy colors in a shift of shades or entirely the opposite of those colors.

Below are few combinations which Nei8ht has applied so successfully for their projects.

Black – White

The timelessness and the beauty of this combination is still ruling the palette of colors and can give a splendid look if applied along with a complimentary accessories and a wall painted with color of lemon tonic for suppose.

Purple – Gray

This is the perfect combination that blends so nicely to give an aesthetic look. With this combination if the appliances with gray to silver gray placed together then it can give a close to distant look of intense violet. But make sure that the other parts of your modular kitchen are in warm colors. If modular modular kitchen cabinets are in light tones then this is the perfect combination for the rest of your modular kitchen.

Green – Blue

These are the consistent colors and combine very well for decoration needs. Since the blue and green are both light shades these are good for modular kitchens facing south or west so as to receive good natural light.

Yellow – Gray

The union of these two colors is most appearing in recent years. Yellow compliments with gray to give a contemporary look to your modular kitchen. For yellow you can choose lemon yellow or royal yellow.

Blue – Gray

When we say Blue you can think of Navy blue, sky blue … the whole family of blue and any of these family members to gray agrees so well. In fact, gray is a color that compliments any color that pairs with it.

These are the few combinations that Nei8ht has applied so successfully and they won the hearts of our clients.

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